Building the Call Community

This page outlines our priorities and actions to deepen engagement among the Call Community, increase the diversity of representation, and strengthen infrastructure.

The Christchurch Call is premised on the belief that open and honest dialogue between diverse stakeholders, and the sharing of ideas and expertise, produces the best outcomes in preventing terrorist and violent extremist content online.

The Call Community includes supporting governments, online service providers, partners and the Christchurch Call Advisory Network. This advisory network consists of organisations and individuals from civil society, academia, and the technical community. It provides expert independent advice on implementing the Call commitments in a manner consistent with a free, open, and secure internet and with international human rights.

In 2023, the Call Community expanded with four new tech company supporters, seven new partners, and 11 new members of the Christchurch Call Advisory Network.

See more about who is part of the Call Community.

Current priorities 

Strengthening the exchange of information and sharing best practice is key in building the Call Community. Current priorities include:

  • Increasing the number of online service provider supporters 
  • Increasing engagement with existing supporters, including through the development of a community platform
  • Regular dialogue on policy issues and sharing of best practice
  • Building on the innovative multistakeholder approach to countering terrorist and violent extremist content online, including by supporting the Christchurch Call Advisory Network to build its advisory function and grow its expertise and diversity 
  • Continuing to strengthen our ties with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism(external link) and Tech Against Terrorism.(external link)


See the 2021 Building community Christchurch Call workplan [PDF, 813 KB]

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