In this section

  • Building the Call Community

    We seek to deepen engagement among the Call Community, increase the diversity of representation, and strengthen our infrastructure.

  • Understanding Algorithms and Developing Interventions

    We are improving our understanding of user journeys and the role of algorithms in online radicalisation, and how positive interventions can keep users safe. This includes a ground-breaking initiative to enable secure, independent research into algorithms.

  • Responding to Crises

    When incidents happen, the Call Community works quickly to coordinate and prevent the spread of terrorist and violent extremist content online in real time. We are continuing to build capability, and to test and refine how we respond.

  • Increasing Transparency

    We are supporting greater transparency from Government and Online Service Provider supporters about the processes they follow and decisions they make about content. This includes encouraging supporters to report on content flagging and removal.

  • Cross-cutting Issues and Themes

    Some issues are relevant across all priority areas and inform our work as we deliver on Call commitments. These include responding to new and emerging technology, understanding the links between violent extremism and gender-based hate online, and better engaging young people in the Call’s work.