The Secretariat

This page has details on the leadership of the Christchurch Call, information for groups interested in supporting the Call, and contact details.

The Christchurch Call is jointly led by the Governments of France and Aotearoa New Zealand. We work together to further the goals of the Christchurch Call in a way that is consistent with underlying commitments to protect human rights and with our stakeholders across multiple sectors.

Paul Ash is the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Cyber and Digital in Aotearoa New Zealand. He leads the Christchurch Call team based in Aotearoa New Zealand, made up of representatives from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

Henri Verdier is the Ambassador for Digital Affairs in France. He works with his team in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and colleagues in the Elysée.  

The Secretariat works closely with civil society representatives, government officials, partner organisations and online service providers across the Call Community, reflecting a commitment to the Call’s multistakeholder approach.

The Secretariat also supports and acts as a contact point for requests relating to the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call, Rt Hon Dame Jacinda Ardern. Special Envoy Ardern serves as New Zealand’s senior representative on the Christchurch Call, acting on behalf of the Prime Minister and working closely with France as co-leaders of the Christchurch Call. See more information about this role.

Next steps for the Christchurch Call

At the 2023 Leaders’ Summit, Leaders considered options for putting the Call on a resilient long-term footing that will position it for success in a changing environment.

Leaders agreed that the co-Founders will work with the Call Community and potential funders to consider options and implement a structure for the Call secretariat that is resilient, better enables contributions from across our multistakeholder community, delivers results over the long term, and maintains the important attributes and values that have contributed to our success.

The Call Secretariat will investigate partnerships with complementary initiatives that share the Call’s commitment to human rights and a free, open, and secure internet; to coordinate efforts towards eliminating terrorist and violent extremist content online; and to consider how work on related issues such as information integrity, the safe and responsible deployment of artificial intelligence, and youth radicalisation, can help enhance the fulfilment of the Call commitments, and to make it easier for small institutions, governments, and organisations to participate in multistakeholder efforts to shape technology norms.

How to join the Christchurch Call Community

The Call Community welcomes expressions of support and assistance. 

See more guidance on the expectations and process for organisations interested in joining the Christchurch Call.  

How to contact us

  • For general inquiries, including requests relating to the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call, Rt Hon Dame Jacinda Ardern, please contact:
  • For media inquiries please contact: (English)