Four new tech firms expand the Christchurch Call

10 November 2023

The Call Community is excited to welcome four new technology firms: Anthropic, Discord, OpenAI, and Vimeo.

The new supporters bring valuable expertise into the Call Community. OpenAI and Anthropic are at the forefront of artifical intelligence development globally. Both Vimeo and Discord are established platforms with milllions of users worldwide.

"We are excited to welcome these four technology firms to the Call Community,” says Rt. Hon Dame Jacinda Ardern, Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call.

Their joining the Call is a significant expansion of the companies that are working together with government and civil society to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content, while supporting a free, open and secure internet that promotes human rights.

"There is considerable concern around the impact of new technologies on terrorist and violent extremist content. The addition of AI companies to the Call Community will help us to build practical solutions to address these concerns."

Anthropic(external link) is an AI safety and research company that creates reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. Its flagship product is Claude, an AI assistant that is designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest.

"Safety has been core to Anthropic's values since day one,” says Jack Clark, Co-Founder, Anthropic.

“AI has the possibility to bring about huge positive changes to the world but we can’t ignore that there will be risks as well.  We are proud to join the Christchurch Call and committed to working with partners across industry, government and civil society to make safer AI systems for all."

Discord(external link) is a global voice, video and text communications platform used by over 150 million monthly active users to talk, hang out and have fun with friends. The company continuously invests in new tools, training, and partnerships that help eliminate hate from its platform.

“Hate and violence have no place on Discord,” says John Redgrave, VP of Trust & Safety, Discord Inc.
“We work relentlessly to make our platform a safe space for our users and to prevent harm in society. Partnership and transparency are cornerstones of our effort to counter extremism. As such, we are honored to join the Christchurch Call and look forward to working collectively with this global community to make the Internet and the world a safer place.”

OpenAI (external link)is an artificial intelligence research and deployment company. OpenAI’s mission is to create safe and powerful AI that benefits all of humanity. 

“Our most important safety strategy is to iteratively deploy our technology as it improves, which means building increasingly powerful and safe AI systems that are robust to risks while also delivering real-world benefits," said Greg Brockman, President and Co-Founder of OpenAI.

“Our technologies can be used to accelerate the Christchurch Call mission, and we also have a lot to learn from this community’s diverse experience of combating online terrorism.”

Vimeo(external link) is a video hosting, sharing, and services platform provider, focusing on delivery of high-definition video across a range of devices.

"Vimeo values the safety of its platform and community,” says Jessica Tracy, General Counsel, Vimeo. “We are thrilled to join the Call in its fight to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online."

Building our community

The Call is expanding and strengthening. In the past year we have also welcomed seven new partner organisations doing important work in online safety, and our advisory network has welcomed 11 new members.  

“There is steady growth in support for the Call with over 130 supporters, partners, and advisory network members now in this thriving community,” says Rt. Hon Dame Ardern.

“Significant growth in company supporters and partners equips the Call well to take advantage of new technologies, such as AI, to respond to terrorist and violent extremist content. Important work is already underway to help realise this potential.

Anthropic and OpenAI join several existing Call supporters that have developed advanced AI capabilities.

This expanded community brings new capability, expertise, and energy to the Call. The Secretariat continues to work actively to bring new partners and online service providers on board.