Leaders' Summits

The Christchurch Call Community of governments, online service providers, civil society, and partner organisations gathers for regular summits and leaders' meetings. This page has information about those events.

Leaders' Summit - 10 November 2023

In a time of rapid technological change, the Christchurch Call Commitments remain as relevant as ever. Aotearoa New Zealand and France will co-host the fifth Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit in Paris on 10 November 2023. This will be an opportunity for leaders from government, the tech sector, partner organisations, and civil society to advance the vital work of the Call together.

The agenda for the Leaders’ Summit is being developed with the Call Community. It will cover the implications of powerful new and emerging AI technology for terrorist and violent extremist content online, and ways to deal with this.  It will also consider improvements to crisis response, tools for understanding algorithmic processes and the problem of online radicalisation to violence, and the benefits of a multi-stakeholder approach for delivering the Call Commitments.

Call supporters commit to working transparently and in a way that respects and promotes human rights and a free, open, and secure internet. At the Summit, leaders will also consider how this approach and the Call’s effective, inclusive multistakeholder model might lend itself to work on other, related complex digital issues.

The Leaders’ Summit will be held alongside the 2023 Paris Peace Forum(external link), which is taking place in Paris on 10-11 November.

More information about the Leaders’ Summit will be available on this website in the lead up to the meeting.